Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September... the best time to fish!

 We love September - no kids, no bugs, good fishing and quiet times.
Just back from two weeks at Agnew Lake Lodge. The first week was unbelievably nice - walking around in a tshirt and bathing suit most of the time!
 Fishing was good, but not the best we've seen - in our second week a cold front blew in and everything turned off for about three days, then really slow fishing followed. In all fairness, we may have spent more time socializing with friends than fishing, but we did manage to eat walleye pretty much every day - we ate smallies and pike a couple of times too. All in all a good vacation.
Here's some pictures.
Nice catch - lunchtime!

Geese flying south at sunrise
Walleye - 20+"

Nice Smallmouth Bass

September sunrise

Sunset fishing