Thursday, May 16, 2013

Turning your world upside down!

 No excuses - I've been delinquent! I've absolutely ignored my blog, and recently had a conversation with one of those communication type people that convicted me. So here I am, back at it with a new sense of purpose and possibly some fresh ideas.
 We're moving - yes, we sold our house and found something better suited to our lifestyle and business goals. Hopefully we'll get a better return on our money as well. Most people say that you really can't go wrong with real estate investment, and I think we made a good one. Needless to say, it has turned our world upside down - well, temporarily anyway!
 But speaking of turning our world upside down, here's a tip. I know it works, tested and true... and dad used to do this too. When storing leftover paint, make sure the lid is hammered down (sealed) and store the can upside down. This will prevent that awful skin from forming on top and will also make it easier to mix. (paints tend to separate when stored for months/years and usually need a really good mix)
 In preparing to stage our house, things came off the walls, holes were patched and sanded an then came time to touch up. The last paint job was when we had the Home Renovation Tax Credit, I think 2009. The leftover paint was stored in a dark corner of the basement - upside down. I cleverly identified the bottom of each can with a marker, knowing this little exercise would save time and it did. Turned over the first can, popped the lid and Voila!, no skin to remove. Gave it a good stir, took out my brush, feathered a paint job and those touch up areas literally faded away into the wall, never to be seen again! For those wondering, feathering is best done with a good quality brush. It's brushing paint in every direction so the brushstrokes aren't as noticeable. (another trick dad taught me)
 There are other things you can turn upside down.
 We tend to buy a lot of berries around here, and we always store the clam shells upside down in the fridge - especially blueberries. It seems to make a difference when you have a lot of them. They're well traveled right side up, so the guys on the bottom get a breather from that crushing experience this way - I think they last longer too .
 Since the last post, Robert Graphic Services has become distributors of several lines of promotional products. Some of the areas we've been able to help our customers with are custom branded bags, pens, shirts, usb drives, portfolios, golf umbrellas and calendars. Here are a few links to some online catalogues that we currently are distributors of:
 If you see anything that interests you, call me and we'll get things started. If you're looking for something and don't see it there, chances are I can get it - there are many more opportunities!
 And of course, we design, print and deliver - just about anything.
"Make your best Impression, call Robert Graphic Services"